SquareM provides services associated with Real Estate for First Home Owners and Investors. We provide genuine and honest Real Estate services looking after the benefits of our clients.

Property Management

Finding a good long-term tenant that looks after your investment is one of the key factors for investors. Whilst general maintenance cannot be eliminated, with access to qualified and professional tradespeople we ensure your maintenance costs are kept low to maximise returns on your investment. We have the experience and the legislative knowledge to ensure your assets are protected and taken care of all the time. Let us maintain your assets while you focus to prosper through them.


Let us help you to get the maximum value for your property. We will suggest the best marketing plan in a variety of media to help you sell your property in a timely and financially sound sale. We can help you with every facet of the selling process. You will be informed and kept up to date throughout the selling process; guaranteeing a transparent, enjoyable and rewarding experience.

Buyer’s Agent

Finding the right property that fits your personal requirement can be a challenge and daunting at times. Choosing SquareM to be your guide through this important transaction can help you save valuable time, effort, money and make buying property a smooth process. At SquareM, we will work closely with you to evaluate your needs in terms of location, size and any other features you desire to find the right property. With access to multiple listing resources Australia wide, we can assist you in making a sound decision when buying your next investment or home.


Pricing your home correctly is very critical in today’s market conditions. A high price may scare away the potential buyers and low price may penalize your well-deserved and hard-earned equity or profits. An accurate appraisal will give you the confidence to make an informed decision. Allow us to give you a free property appraisal along with a CMA (comparative market analysis) based on similar properties in your area.

Finance and Mortgage Broking

Purchasing an asset is an emotional journey and finding the correct loan that suits your needs can be stressful at times. With access to multiple lenders, there is a variety of loan options you can pick from to suit your needs. Our inhouse award winning team can assist you to make an informed decision about your loan requirements by providing you access to a large panel of lenders. Let us look after your finances while you focus on the property.

Agents that come to you

Yes, we have invested in latest technology and very much operate our business affairs online, but we still strongly believe in the old fashion way of face to face communication. This does not mean we expect you to be at our office for every transaction as it defeats the core service values of our business. ‘Time is money’ as someone has righty said then why would we let our clients waste it in transit especially when trying to find a work life balance. Yes you got it right, whether it be a listing presentation or signing an agreement we will meet you in your comfort zone at your convenience.